Friday, Rain, Moving and Winning


Welcome to Friday! We have ended the 5th week of school now, which is amazing to me. The time has flown by! Students will be dismissed at 1:15 today for teacher meetings. Interim reports went home to parents this week. If parents of Project Return students have any questions about grades, please contact the regular classroom teacher. I will offer assistance/explanation for all PREP students’ grades. All the students seem to be progressing well. At this point, several students will be able to appeal to return to the high school at the end of the first marking period.

The rain has delayed our move across the street to the PREP building. While the furniture would survive the torrential downpour, the laptops and other computers would not fair well. Peter Martin and Sean Campbell are working at the new building this morning to install the Air Ports and get everything online with the network. Maintenance is also there making final touches inside. Our new move date is now WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 28. We are all very excited about the move because it means more space and more opportunities for teacher-student interaction.

Today is the day that I find out if GCPS won the P & G GIVE contest. Thank you to the community, parents, students, alumni, staff and friends who voted for us. I will keep you posted!

Enjoy your weekend. Try to stay dry!


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