One More Down

We welcomed 4 new students last week in the alternative ed program–Tyler and Cara are seniors; Justin and Cory are freshmen. Looking forward to working with them.  Justin and Cory will be with us all year.  Tyler and Cara will be done in December and graduate in June with Dylon, Brandon J, and Brandon R.

Most of the adjustments seem to be working. Still concerned about a couple students who are a little behind on classwork. Their goal this week is to catch up by Friday. All alt ed seniors must be out of red progress in e2020 that day also.  Today they all have been working very hard so far. One of the reasons I love Mondays. 🙂

This afternoon we will try the 9/11 event from Discovery again. Friday was unsuccessful as Discovery had not notified me of the change of date and time. We did enjoy conversation and pizza for lunch coming up with questions to ask during the assembly. We also viewed and discussed the interactive 9/11 timeline on Discovery, listening to commentaries and phone messages, watching bystander video, and viewing pictures of the various things that happened from 5:45 AM – 8:30 PM on September 11, 2011. Students have submitted their questions and after the assembly will be writing responses to the film and discussion session, which will be submitted to Discovery.

Hard to believe that fall is almost here!


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