Smart Block Reminder


Begins on March 15th and 16th!

  • Smart Block meets after 2nd block each Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Each teacher will keep his or her 2nd Block class. (Students must stay quiet and busy)
  • Teachers invite (by pass) a small number of students into the classroom to remediate.
  • Students who come into class to be remediated must stay through the entire Smart Block.
  • Teachers who do not have a 2nd Block class and are not remediating students will help teachers who need help.
  • Students stay in Smart Block through News 2.

If a student has more than one pass, the priority is math, English 11, science, social studies, other English, electives.

Smart Block Bell Schedule

Block I              8:20 – 9:41

Block II            9:46 – 11:07

Smart Block  11:09 – 11:39

News 2           11:39 – 11:49

Block III         11:54 – 1:40

A Lunch 11:51 – 12:16

B Lunch 12:19 – 12:44

C Lunch 12:47 – 1:12

D Lunch 1:15 – 1:40

Block IV           1:45 – 3:15

Senior lunch privilege is 3 minutes.


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