Goochland HS Rises to the Challenge Once Again!

Tonight I was once again reminded of why I love teaching here! Over 200 people showed up tonight at the school cafeteria to support our own, Adam Maguire. Recently diagnosed with a brain tumor and facing brain surgery this Wednesday, Adam was surrounded by friends, teachers, the chairman of the school board, a member of the Board of Supervisors, principals and community members wishing him well. About 50 males, ages 3-53, went under the razors and had their heads shaved in a united support of what Adam will be facing this week. Others at the event made cards for Adam and his family and enjoyed a chili dinner. There were 12 crockpots brimming with different chilis, bowls of tortilla chips, a box of fried chicken, and trays of cookies, cupcakes, corn bread and bowls of M&Ms – enough to feed an army – all donated by parents and teachers.
Kudos to Mrs. Nelson-Lyda who organized the event in under 48 hours as well as to the teachers and parents who donated food, paper products, water, and time. Several parents, one teacher, and a GHS graduate donated their time to shaving heads, which took nearly two and a half hours to complete.
Thank you Goochland for being such a caring and supportive community. I am proud to say I live and work here!


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