Support Adam!

Many of you may be aware, and many of you are unaware, but one of Goochland High School’s finest students and football players, Adam Maguire has a brain tumor. Very sudden, very fast, very serious. It’s unclear at this point in time if it is malignant or benign, but it has to come out. Adam has been in the hospital these past few days having scans and taking medication to shrink the tumor. We expect Adam to be discharged on Sunday and he will re-enter the hospital for brain surgery at MCV on Wednesday.

We are holding an event on Monday night (THIS Monday night) at Goochland High School to show our support of Adam Maguire. Adam’s younger brother, Nick, is one of our JV football team members.

Here are the event details:

  • Monday, January 31 (yes, TODAY) at GHS, cafeteria, 5:00 pm till we’re done!
  • Hair shearing (to 3/8”) for anyone who wants to have it done. We’ll keep our immediate focus on Varsity and JV Football team members, but it is for anyone who wants to have it done to show support for Adam. Priority will be given to basketball players who have a game that night and wish to have their hair sheared in support of Adam. We will be giving an event scrapbook, with pictures, and hopefully, a group picture, to Adam by Tuesday before his surgery.
  • Chili with tortilla chips and water provided.

We’re still looking for additional people to provide chili, tortilla chips, water, bowls, spoons, and napkins. We’ve got 4 crocks of chili, some chips, and a flat of water already spoken for the night : ). We can obviously use more!!! And, we have 3 shearers on board and could use more as we suspect the turnout will be great : ).

We anticipate that Adam will make an appearance during the evening, if he is feeling well enough. We are doing this to show support for Adam and his family. Most importantly, we want Adam to know we love him, we care, and that his GHS family is here for him and his family!

The family asks has kindly requested that no one attempt to visit Adam post surgery until the go-ahead is given. Adam will likely be in the ICU for a few days and probably have several more days (if not a week or more) recovery before he will be able to see visitors. Adam’s parents, Paul and Carolyn, will advise when he can accept visitors and I will gladly advise anyone who seeks to know.

Please come and show your Bulldog support for Adam Maguire!!!

The family has asked for absolutely nothing in the way of a show of support, but I would like to suggest that since Mom and Dad (and the whole family) will be under unusual strain, that perhaps Food Lion, Wawa, or Subway (or another local or on the way into town restaurant) gift cards mailed to them might be appropriate. The Maguire family is a family of seven and you may have a younger child who has a younger Maguire child in his/her class.


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