Some things to do to prepare for returning to school

We will start research papers as soon as we get back.   To be prepared, here are a few things you can do.

Honors English 10

  1. Go to Holocaust Research Project and read the first page.
  2. Click on Topics tab to see choices.
  3. Choose a couple topics you may be interested in.
    • No one in same class can have same topic unless you work with a partner. (See information about partner work.)
    • Email me or leave comment on blog to claim a topic.
  4. You may check out the Resources tab but do not begin any actual research.  I have very specific methods for you to use for notetaking and resources.

English 10

  1. Determine historical setting or event from your library book.
    • Can’t figure it out?
      • Go to Amazon and type in title of your book.
      • Scroll down to Book Summary and read information.
    • Start thinking of a specific topic for research paper.
      • Civil War – Too broad
      • Civil War battles – Too broad
      • Battle of Gettysburg – Too broad
      • III Corps Movement – Specific Topic
  2. Complete Historical Fiction Book Report.

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