Big Concepts Poster Project

Students will be matched with a partner to create a poster based on one of the major themes in Antigone.  Each group will be assigned a concept from the list below.  They will work on the poster using the laptops on October 2 and 5 and present the poster following the test on October 6-7.

  • —     Pride
  • —     Family
  • —     Anarchy
  • —     Divine Law
  • —     Civil Law
  • —     Respect for the Dead
  • —     Gender
  • —     Crime and Punishment
  • —     Filial Piety
  • —     Curses
  • —     Fate/Prophesy
  • —     Leadership
  • —     Vengeance
  1. One or two sentences about how your concept is related to the characters/events in the play
  2. At least two direct quotes from the play that illustrate the concept.
    • Include the speaker and scene # in parentheses after the quote
  3. One or two mages that illustrate the concept.
    • Remember that you must use copyright free images and cite the source of the image
    • You may put citations on a separate page for this project
  4. The grade for this project
    • the use of appropriate images
    • use of quotes supporting concept
    • correct citations for images
    • creativity
    • neatness
  5. Example

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