SAT Tips

Mere 30-point bump on SAT can pay off big in admissions

from USA Today
The SAT is no easy feat: The test can take up to five hours. Don’t forget water, a snack, No. 2 pencils, a calculator (with extra batteries), your photo ID and SAT admission ticket! To jump-start your studying, Eliot Schrefer offers his top tips for the test’s three sections:  

 Math. “The No. 1 error, especially for advanced students, is making careless errors. They key way to avoid those is: Once you’ve answered the problem, reread the question before you bubble in the answer choice. It forces you to pause and reflect on whether the answer you got is logical, and it also makes you look again at what the question is asking for and making sure that’s what you provided.”

 Writing. “The essay graders are only allotted three to five minutes for each essay. Less important than writing well is having the signifiers of good writing: Include at least two instances of sophisticated punctuationsemicolons or dashes. And studies have shown that students who use the entire two pages given to them for the essay tend to get higher scores.”

 Reading. “The passages are all taken from published sources and re-edited so that the main theme is stated at the beginning and end. So if you get a question about a passage’s main purpose, you can look at those lines for the answer. You never have to synthesize the wholepassage.”



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