Honors English 11 April Essay Topics

Essay topics for The Hunt for Red October – Day 2 Block 1

  1. What are some of the significant differences between the Soviet and American submarines?
  2. Describe Jack Ryan’s role in the military operations? Does it make logical sense for him to be involved to such an extent, considering his background?
  3. How does the element of suspense work in the novel? How would the feel of the novel be different if everything was laid out clearly from the beginning?

Essay topics for Uncle Tom’s Cabin – Day 1 Block 2

  1. Discuss the differences between the portrayals of men and women in Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Does Tom fit with the rest of the men in the book? Why or why not? How does the portrayal of women reveal Stowe’s feminism?
  2. Discuss Stowe’s use of opposites and the technique of contrast in Uncle Tom’s Cabin.
  3. What roles do circumstance and chance play in Uncle Tom’s Cabin? Does the text use either of them to help explain the existence of slavery.
No Essay for Day 1 Block 3
Alternate assignment
In groups of 2, students will choose one of the 19 major events in Izzy’s Fire to research.  A trip to the Virginia Holocaust Museum on April 22 will be part of this assignment.  The final product will be a student-created podcast including photographs from the museum and a recorded excerpt from the novel.


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