Last month, my SAT Prep students created videos for SAT words. The final videos were uploaded to SchoolTube and YouTube and submitted for the BrainyFlix SAT Video Contest!

Now we need your help! By clicking on the links below, you will be connected to the various videos. From here, click Vote on the correct Goochland video. You can vote every day until April 19. Also please send this on to as many of your friends and family and ask them to vote for our videos as well. THANKS!

http://www.brainyflix.com/videos/1388 (Ekuhns video)
http://www.brainyflix.com/videos/441 (Meghan and Kevin’s video)
http://www.brainyflix.com/videos/436 (Katie and Heather’s video)
http://www.brainyflix.com/videos/442 (JaV, Kait, Lau’s video)
http://www.brainyflix.com/videos/455 (Chelsea, Kenny and Kaitlyn’s video)
http://www.brainyflix.com/videos/437 (Lonnie and Alec’s video)


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