I am not your personal school supply provider….


Each student is responsible for providing his/her own supplies for class, ie. pen/pencil, paper.  Any students who is unprepared for class will lose 10 points on his/her daily participation grade, which is equal to 10% of the marking period grade.

I will no longer tolerate the disruptions/delays that result from students needing to borrow supplies from another student.  In addition, it is unfair to other students who come to class prepared to have to share their supplies.

I have spent over $100 this year of my own money to purchase pens and pencils for the classroom that are never returned.  Therefore, if a student needs to BORROW a pen or pencil from me, it will cost 25 cents.  If the student has no money, he/she must leave collateral (cell phone, car keys, wallet) with me to ensure that I get the pen back.



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