Submitting Essays

A few tips for submitting essays for Honors English 11

  • Always put your name on your essay in correct header form
    • Name
    • Novel title
    • Honors English 11
    • Date
  • Always title the document when saving
  • Submit essays on Google Docs, via email or as a printed copy
    • My preference is Google Docs
  • Final drafts
    • Make changes in original document.
      • Not necessary to start a new document for final draft
    • Rename document to Final Draft – [Title of novel]
    • You do not need to resend to me on Google Docs because I already have permission from the original
  • Rough drafts will be a homework grade.
  • NO late work accepted

Point Deductions

  • No title = -5
  • No header = -5
  • No mention of novel title or author in opening paragraph = -10
  • No supporting quotes from novel = -10
  • No rough draft = -20 on final draft



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