Honors English 11 – Assignments January 12-16


  • Work in research groups on novel packets, which are due January 13 and 14.
  • Write final draft of essay on A Farewell to Arms.
  • Writing for the SOL
  • Students will write a rough draft using Google Docs directed at the following prompt:
    • If we valued honesty, we would be willing to risk our jobs to become whistleblowers and tell truths that our employers did not want revealed. If we valued success, we would give up our free time in order to excel in a subject or sport. In other words, the sacrifices we are willing to make reveal what we care about the most.  Can what we value be determined only by what we sacrifice?
  • Peer editing of first draft.  
    • Students may save draft to Google or a flash drive or have Miss K send it in an email
  • Second draft due next class via Google, flash drive or email
  • Teacher conference on second draft of essay
  • Type final copy
  • No School – Teacher Work Day

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